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Injector Cleaners – Review

Back in 2007, and following on from an interview with the MD of Powerenhancer, we revealed to the public the importance of PEA chemistry in fuel system cleaners. As a result of this revelation it appears that Polyether-amine is now a hot topic of discussion on most automotive web sites. At the time nobody had even heard of it and now everyone is an “expert”.

PEA is a critical part in quest for rapid fuel system cleaning and carbon removal from the combustion chamber and valves. We have always liked BG’s 44K and 244 but our new favourite is Archoil’s AR6400 and AR6400-D. Just like with the BG cleaners, fuel system cleaning is rapid with improvements in vehicle running evident in just a few miles if the fuel injectors were suffering from deposit build-up. The spouted bottles make it easier the get the cleaner in the tank, plus the AR6400-D 5L and 20L containers reduce treatment costs significantly. We just keep refilling the standard bottles from the larger 20L container to add to our customer’s vehicles. Its works out cheaper than the mainstream solvent based fuel cleaners.

In fairness, the lower cost treatments do a reasonable job of cleaning petrol or diesel injectors as any solvent based cleaner does. However, where they fall short is with the carbon removal and removing deposits from the combustion and post combustion areas. Unfortunately, high quality Polyether Amine (PEA) is considerably more expensive than Polybutene Amine (PBA). I am not in the chemical business but I know the price of genuine PEA is not cheap when compared to more basic fuel cleaners.

No doubt next year a new cleaner will land on my desk and I’ll be writing about that.

Graham Edwards
FTE Partner

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